SUHi Media On The Rise

by Angie Nava, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

With the new school year comes great opportunities to expand thoughts and even greater opportunities to shine. SUHi Media, also known simply as Media, seems to be taking advantage of that this year. Media is an after school club in which students come together to make the school news, also known as The Red Devils’ Review. The students involved in Media are determined to get their peers involved in many ways, with hopes of creating a better environment. They report the school news in creative ways to get the other students’ attention and to get them more informed on what’s happening on campus. However, they don’t just want to report the news; they are determined to include the students’ perspective on things. In many ways, SUHi Media tries to be the voice of the students on campus.

What people don’t know is that Media is more than just another club at Sweetwater. Media is a family. Students who aren’t a part of Media don’t get to see what hides behind the screen. They don’t get to witness the chemistry between the students in the club. This can be seen and felt as soon as people walk into the Media room. Laughter is the first thing people hear as they walk into the Media room; the big smiles are the next thing to be noticed. The students in that club are there for one another, no matter the cost. It’s plain to see. SUHi Media has big plans they hope to accomplish this year, plans they hope to accomplish as a family together.