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Welcome Students and Parents!

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Parents Participating in Counselors 5-Week Workshop!

Congratulations to the parents that participated in the parent workshop! The counselors conducted a 5-week parent workshop focused on providing parent tools such as addressing college-going culture, and personal, social and academic development for their children attending Sweetwater High School.

For more details, click on the following link: Counselor’s Blog.


Students and Parents:

November Theme: College Admission Test Alphabet Soup: SAT-ACT-EPT-ELM-UVWXYZ

Most four-year colleges use test scores in their admission process, but they’re not the only factor. Colleges don’t use the tests only for admission purposes. See the other ways colleges use them:

The counselors will be in the quad at lunch on FRIDAY to answer any question students have!

Check out the video by the counselors for explaining going to college to parents and student:

The theme for this month is: The Facts About Getting Into College

College admission doesn’t have to be a big mystery. Learn the 5 things you should know about getting in. Access the PowerPoint here.


If you have any further questions, please contact your counselor, teachers or administrative staff!

Meet the Sweetwater High School Counselors

Students and parents, listed below are the Sweetwater High School Counselors. Each counselor has a group of students that they are responsible for; the groups are listed by last names.

Student Last Name Counselor
A-CARM Brenda Chavez Casas
CARN-FERN Nancy Garcia
FERO-GOI Tich Tran (Mr. Tran is available in person only on Tuesdays and Thursdays but can be contacted at all times via email or phone)
GOJ-LO Kevin Smith
LU-PAD Liliana Silva
PAE-SALA Lysabeth Luansing-Garcia
SALB-Z Dinnah Donato-Palomore


Ms. Eleina Vallejo is the Educational Talent Search coordinator, and Ms. Melissa Monteon and Ms. Nicki Corley are counselor interns.

For further information regarding the counseling department please click on the following link: SUHI Counselors Web site.