Key Contacts

Assistant Principal Student Last Names Phone 
Anna Gutierrez A-F 619-474-9711
Fernando Chaidez G-N 619-474-9712
Alexander Salazar O-Z 619-474-9738
Deborah Morris ASB (Athletics/graduation) 619-474-9751

Counselor Student Last Names Phone 
Brenda Chavez-Cases A-CAM 619-474-9721
Nancy Garcia CAN-FER 619-474-9754
Marivel Arroyo FES-HERN 619-474-9733
Marco Garcia HERO-MEN 619-474-9723
Eleina Vallejo-Paez MEO-PL 619-474-9722
Lysabeth Luansing-Garcia PM-SAN 619-474-9771
Michael Briney SAO-Z 619-474-9719
Armando Melendrez Learning Center Students 619-474-9780

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Principal’s Scholar Honor Roll – Fall 2019

Congratulations to our outstanding scholars! Based on the academic achievement of maintaining a 3.75 and above from the start of their high school career up to the last grading period of December 2019, they are part of SUHI’s Principal’s Scholar Honor Roll for 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Cuellar-Martinez at aimee.cuellar-martinez@sweetwaterschools.org 

SSC Agenda 5/21/20

May 21, 2020 3pm via  Meet.Google.com



Principal: Maribel Gavin
Teachers: Michael Garcia RoseAnita Hernandez (2nd yr)   Kim Ritchie Jessica Sphar                (2nd yr)
Other: Marco Garcia
Parents: Amalia Hernandez Juan Vega  Lorena Silva
Students: Deanna Escarieses Brigette Vazquez  Venezia Zuniga    


Agenda Items Meeting Notes
  • CALL TO ORDER:  ______
Digital Meeting via Google Hangouts

Members to sign in digitally here

       2. Roll Call  Members Absent: Deanna Escarieses

If no quorum – will vote virtually

      3. Approval of the April  Minutes (2-5 min)     


April Minutes

  • Motioned by: 
  •  Seconded by: 
  •  In favor: 
  • Opposed: 
  • Abstain: 
      4. Public and Oral Communication

                   – Parent Advisory Groups

                      ELAC/ DELAC

                      Title 1/ DPAC 

       5 . Review of SPSA, Voting Items and Feedback

           2019-2020 budget, data, and changes           

  • Budget Update
  • Red Tech PD and other support
  • Other Requests 
  • 20-21 SPSA Approval
  • Red Tech Support
  • Motioned by:
  •  Seconded by: 
  •  In favor: 
  • Opposed: 
  • Abstain: 
  • SPSA Needs/Assessment/Survey: 
  •                     Motioned by: 
  •  Seconded by: 
  •  In favor:
  • Opposed: 
  • Abstain: 
7. Round Table Announcements
      8. Next SSC Meeting: ( Tentative) August 13th TBD
      9. ADJOURN: ______
    • Motioned by: 
    • Second by: 
    •  In favor: 
    • Opposed:  
    • Abstain: 



Red Devil Digital Newsletter (5/18 – 5/22)

Check out what’s going on this week at SUHI!

This week’s announcement’s include:
Principal Gavin’s Message
Seniors featured on this week’s edition
Advance Placement Schedule —Week Two
Progress Report—May 15
Paper Copy + Uniform Drop Off (May 19-21)
Food Distribution Schedule
Senior Survey
Learning Platform Survey

Calling all Alumni!

As our centennial year quickly approaches, our goal is to create and build a museum that will reflect SUHI’s 100 years of pride and tradition.  As we develop our museum we are reaching out to the community for support. We are hoping to highlight each decade in the presentation of the museum. If you have any artifacts (ex. pictures, clothing, pins, vintage event posters, sports memorabilia, etc.) that you would like to donate to our museum, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly pick it up from you, or you can simply drop it off at:

Sweetwater High School

2900 Highland Ave

National City, CA 91950

Lysabeth Luansing

Class of 1996

Current SUHi School Counselor



Marco Garcia

Class of 1995

Current SUHi School Counselor




Thank you for your support!


ELAC Meeting 5/15/20

Comité Asesor para la Adquisición del Inglés (ELAC)

English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC)

FECHA: Viernes, 15 de mayo, 2020     HORA:  10:10 – 11:10am

DATE: Friday, May 15, 2020     TIME:  10:10 – 11:10am

Join Link: meet.google.com/dys-weux-hpv

Call in: (‪US)‪+1 929-279-4766

PIN: ‪227 008 928#



1:30 – 1:33 pm

(3 min)

Bienvenida e Introducciónes

Welcome and Introductions

Maribel Gavin – Directora/ Principal

Fernando Chaidez- Subdirector/ Assistant Principal  Aimee Aimee Cuellar Martínez – CIS

Alma Patricia Gómez – Presidenta/ President


1:33 – 1:35 pm

(2 min)

Reglas de Roberto 

Robert Rules

Juan Vega – Parlamentario/ Parliamentarian
1:35– 1:40 pm

(5 min)

Aprobación de la Agenda y Minutas

Approval of Agenda and Minutes

Isabel Torres – Vicepresidenta/ Vice- Precident


1:40 – 1:55 pm

(15 min)

20-21 SPSA Updates related to English Learners

20-21 Actualizaciones de el Plan Individual de Rendimientos Estudiantil relacionado con estudiantes de aprendices de inglés


Aimee Cuellar- Martínez- CIS/

Coordinadora de Servicios Integrados



1:55 – 2:00 pm

(5 min)

Comunicación Publica/Anuncios

Public Communication/Announcements

Alma Patricia Gómez – Presidenta/ President



Title 1 Meeting (5/15/20)

DATE: Friday, May 15, 2020     TIME: 1:00 – 1:30pm

FECHA: Viernes, 15 de mayo, 2020     HORA:  1:00 – 1:30pm

Join Link: meet.google.com/dys-weux-hpv

Call in: (‪US)‪+1 929-279-4766

PIN: ‪227 008 928#



1:00 – 1:03 pm

(3 min)

Welcome and Introductions

Bienvenida e Introducciónes

Maribel Gavin– Principal/ Directora

Anna Gutierrez- AP/Subdirectora

Aimee Martínez- CIS

Brenda Salazar- President/ Presidenta

1:03 – 1:05pm

(2 min)

Robert Rules and Title1 Bylaws

Reglas de Roberto y Estatutos de Titulo1

Chester Salazar – Parliamentarían/ Parlamentario

(5 min)

Approval of Agenda and Minutes

Aprobación de la Orden del día y Minutas

Juan Vega– Vice President/ Vicepresidente



(10 min)

20-21 SPSA Updates

20-21 Actualizaciones de el Plan Individual de Rendimientos Estudiantil

 Aimee Martínez- CIS

(5 min)

Counselor Updates

Actualizaciones de los Consejeros

Marivel Arroyo- Counselor/ Consejera

(5 min)

Public Comm./Announcements

Comunicación Pública/ Anuncios

Brenda Salazar- President/ Presidenta