Honor Roll

Students will be recognized based on their academic achievement every semester. Students with a semester GPA of 3.5 – 3.79 will be on our Sweetwater High Honor Roll. Students with a semester GPA above 3.8 will be on the Principal’s Honor Roll.

Students will receive their Honor Roll certificates in September to honor their previous Spring Semester grades. In February, students will receive their Honor Roll certificates recognizing their achievement for their Fall Semester grades. All certificates will be distributed to students during their 3rd/4th period class.

Parents will be notified of this honor via Infinite Campus, Jupiter Grades, and the SUHi App

Tutoring in All Subject Areas Offered in the Library

Join us @ the library, Monday – Thursday


Students will be checking out textbooks with their classes.

If a student needs to check out a textbook because the class has already checked them out, or they are returning a textbook, they may do so before school, during nutrition break and lunch, and after school. Library hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Michael Garcia

Teacher Librarian

Restorative Practice Resource Teacher

Sweetwater High School

(619) 474-9700

Laptops and Internet

All Sweetwater students are entitled to a district-supplied laptop in an effort to provide equity of access to technology for academic purposes. To check out a laptop, students and their parent(s), guardian(s) must read and sign the Responsibility and Usage Agreement (English/Spanish).

Tech Support

Need help?


Call: 619-585-7995 (parents only).

Sweetwater High School

Alma Mater

“Our lamp glows bright,

our colors wave on high,

eternal praise to

our school- old SU-HI.

Allegiance pledged,

our service gladly give,

where’er we may roam,

in our hearts SU-HI lives.”