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Transcript Request

Use this form to request official transcripts.

  •  $2 fee for every official transcript. (Temporarily waived due to COVID-19)
  •  5 days needed to process transcripts.

Education Verification and Cumulative Records Request

Former students background checks and schools can email requests to


Thank you,

Sarai Garcia-Puga

Interim- Human Resources Technician

Substitute & VOE  Alpha Lp-Rev

The SUHI Foundation

The Sweetwater Foundation was formed to support Sweetwater High School, its faculty and students. The purpose of the Foundation is:

  • To support and fund the continuing education of selected students of Sweetwater High School.
  • To maintain and improve the facilities and grounds of Sweetwater High School.
  • To purchase educational materials for the benefit of the students of Sweetwater High School.
  • To fund and support continuing education for the administration, faculty and staff of Sweetwater High School.