Academic Decathlon Team Qualifies for California State Competition

In addition to winning the Metro League championship, the SUHi Academic Decathlon team has scored enough points to qualify for the California State Academic Decathlon Competition!  The competition will take place March 16 ­- 20 in Sacramento.

Not only is this the first time that a Sweetwater district team has qualified for a Wild Card spot, but it is the first time a San Diego County team has qualified. Please congratulate the team for their amazing success this year and wish them luck as the season continues!


Medals and achievements so far:


Nicole Ann Abreu ­ 1 medal

Anthony Serratos ­ 2 medals

Frans Juacalla ­ 2 medals

Rio Arias (Captain- ALT)

Gabriel Lopez (ALT)



Alejandra Nicanor ­ 5 medals, 2nd overall student

Cata Prado ­ 6 medals

Gabby Salud ­ 6 medals, 1st overall student

Kathleen Basilio (ALT)

Shaila Simon (ALT)



Samuel Garza ­ 10 medals, 1st overall student

Julian Hernandez ­ 5 medals

Francisco Lizarraga ­ 8 medals, 2nd overall student

Jeremie Gonzales (ALT)

Mardo Covarrubias (ALT)