A Club for You

by Eduardo Razon, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

Trying to find a group of people that share the same interests as you? Or trying to meet new people and make new friends? Well, an easy way to do that would be by joining a club on campus! There are plenty of clubs on campus that would love to introduce new members into their club. The best part is, one of these clubs is bound to share the same interests as you and gain your attention and ultimately your participation. Joining a club is also an easy way to participate in fun events that may provide you with a fun way of knocking out some community service hours by having fun with new people and friends!

Still worried that there isn’t a club out there for you? There are dozens of clubs on campus, ranging in a variety of different interests and goals. These interests and subjects range from academics and community service to forming new hobbies and playing games! Some clubs that may interest you could be the book club, photography club, AP club and speech and debate. All of those clubs are pretty self-explanatory, but you could always learn more about them by attending any of their meetings. If you’re looking for a club that focuses on the community and maybe possible future careers there are several like New Perspective, Key Club, and H.O.S.A. which focus on those kinds of things. The list goes on Red Devils!

So if you’re interested in something, join a club, because that is just one awesome part of the high school experience. And if there is no club for your interest, then make one! See the ASB for additional details and information.