AVID Senior Seminar

by Ashley Estrada, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

Seniors who have been in AVID At least two years can be part of the AVID Senior Seminar. In addition, they have to have been in AVID during their Junior year as well. AVID for Senior is really important, and it is a great help. Senior year is a really stressful year full of college applications, scholarships and several more things. And, AVID is in charge of helping seniors with college applications during first semester. During second semester it is all about scholarships.

Ms. Tellez has been a great help to seniors this year. “I would not have been able to apply to any colleges if it weren’t for AVID,” declared Rebeca Cardenas. Maria Rosales said, “ I so happy I was in AVID this year; it has really helped me, and now I know I’m prepared to go to UC Santa Barbara!”

Students get two hours of class time to apply to colleges. Any questions they have get answered by the AVID teacher. It really helps students. So, if you’re an underclassmen who’s already planning to go to college and who wants additional help in getting there… sign up for AVID! It could make all the difference!