Advice for Underclassmen

by Valerie Perez, Staff Writer
Devils’ Advocate


If you haven’t heard, seniors have already been accepted to universities as of March. Tears of happiness and sadness are coming your way, future seniors. Receiving rejection letters from your dream colleges is heartbreaking. However, when you receive those acceptance letters you will feel a sense of accomplishment of finishing high school and moving on to the next chapter in your life – college.

To the future seniors, here is some advice… In the beginning of your senior year you will begin to feel a familiar feeling of procrastination thus leading to the biggest infection in high school – SENIORITIS. Yes, senioritis is real! However, there is a cure.

The cure is caring about your future! The symptoms of senioritis include a lack of motivation to go to school, missing homework assignments, sleeping in class, and not applying to colleges. Underclassmen, when you begin to feel the symptoms of senioritis, you must remain strong. Senioritis can get you on the non privilege list and prevent you from graduating, going to prom and attending Grad Nite. Remember to do your community service hours by joining clubs. Do as many scholarships as you can, and ask for letters of recommendation from your favorite teacher or counselor who knows you well. Senior year will be one of the busiest years in your high school, and it will go by faster than lightning; however, it is also the most rewarding and tear-jerking. The first day of your senior year will come as a shock that you have made it this far. You are growing up and moving on to start a new life and find who you are as an individual.

Senior year is a time of friendship, nostalgia, and fun. Have the best relationships with your friends and teachers because soon it will all come to an end. Underclassmen, I wish you the best senior year you can have. Show your pride as part of Sweetwater High School and don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t feel too sad about leaving Sweetwater though, because once a devil, always a devil