College College College!

by Julian Hernandez, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate


The Sweetwater Counseling Center is almost in ruin. And for what? The simple truth is that the Class of 2016 has made the most of all the resources available to them.

University Prep has served as a viable source of information to seniors since the beginning. Students would go and help other students and offer not only their experience, but also their guidance. And ultimately, counselors have remained the backbone of the end of the year senior panic. Reflecting on all the chaos and adversity, Sweetwater can proudly recognize a very special class of students.

UCLA, Cal Poly, UC Berkeley, University of Notre Dame, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara to name a few, are schools that 2016 has earned. Even when the acceptance letters began to roll in, every single one of these young adults was found in their beloved Counseling Office working on their scholarships. Better yet, a large number of students would ask to be excused early in order to have more time to work on college material.

At all times of day, whether it is before school, during class time, lunch time, or after school, it is always packed. Many of those who participate in University Prep don’t just apply to one scholarship either. Five to ten were seen to be the average range. And that’s the best part. What makes these Red Devils special is that it doesn’t take an external force to encourage these students to take the initiative to jump start their careers. In their minds, even though the end of the year is only an arm length away, the task is only just beginning. Encouraging thoughts, hard work, persistence and patience will be the last legacy that the mighty Class of 2016 will leave behind. We can only hope that it has already inspired underclassmen to surpass that bar.