Scholarships You Must Do!!

by Asha Pineda, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

If you’re a senior planning to attend a university next school year and need some help in paying for tuition, books, etc., go ahead and do these local scholarships. The Karangalan and SUHi Foundation Scholarships are going to be your best options if you would like to have a high chance in getting free money.

If you are a high school senior of Filipino or Filipino-American descent enrolled in the Sweetwater Union High School District, have a minimum 3.0 college weighted GPA, and have applied to a 4 year university, then it is highly recommended for you to apply for the Karangalan Scholarship. Finalists are chosen based on academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, two letters of recommendation, and a written essay. For the written essay, two prompts are given and only one must be chosen. One involves a current situation affecting the Filipino community and the other is if you are in any Filipino American organization where you hold a leadership role. This scholarship must be emailed and turned in by March 18, 2016. One major reason why those of you who qualify should apply for this scholarship is because a local school counselor, Ms. Lysabeth Luansing-Garcia, is part of the committee and helps to make decisions on the finalists.

The SUHi Foundation Scholarship is for all seniors attending Sweetwater High School. Seniors recently received an email on their Jupiter grades with information on the scholarship and the links. Within the application there are eleven scholarships with different requirements and prizes. The written essay asks for a personal statement with your goals and why you are applying for the scholarship. This scholarship is due on April 5, 2016. And because this scholarship is limited to Sweetwater High School students only, the chance of earning free money is higher! For more information on these or any other scholarships, go to the Counseling Center.