Starbucks Happy Hour!!

by Valerie Perez, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate


Prepare yourselves for May 1st.

am happy to announce that on May 1st through 10th , Starbucks will be having happy hour from 3-5pm. Happy hour is when the price of Starbucks orders will be half the price. Save your money and be prepared to order your favorite drinks.

However, you must be prepared for the inevitable long line that there will be and be dedicated to stay in line and wait for your order for up to an hour. If you do not have any money, don’t worry! You can get Starbucks’ famous iced water for free. The Starbucks by Sweetwater High School is known to be the go to spot to have study groups, to read a book, and to hang with friends after school.

Remember to save the date and run to Starbucks on May 1st after school. It is a great deal. While waiting in line, make sure to bring a book or a group a friends, something that will keep you entertained while waiting. And then… enjoy!