The Return of Speech and Debate Club

by Yannick Yance, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

For the first time in over three months, the Speech and Debate Club of Sweetwater High School will be holding their weekly meetings yet once again. Students who are interested in discussing and debating current affairs and issues are welcome and are encouraged to stop by.

The Speech and Debate Club was created last year by senior Angelo Mendoza, along with a group of friends. They wanted to create a club in which students could openly express their opinions on controversial issues as well as hear one another’s viewpoints and perspectives. During their meetings, the members separate themselves into two groups based on whether they are for or against whatever the topic is. First, someone gives a speech to start off the discussion. Then, members from each side alternate in stating their arguments. In the end, the student who had the most valid and convincing arguments is named the “Master Debater”. Some of the topics the club has discussed in the past include gun control, gender equality, marijuana legalization, and the presidential election.

Although the Speech and Debate Club has not met in over three months, it is back and better than ever! The topic of discussion for the March meeting was whether or not Donald Trump is good for the Republican Party. So, if you are interested in this and similar topics, make sure to stop by room 404 during lunch every Thursday!