by Brittny Moya, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

The month everyone dreads is soon to come…MAY! This is the final month before summer break and the one filled with exams. There are AP Tests and Finals. This month somehow seems to determine everyone’s future, especially the seniors’. One bad grade and colleges can withdraw a student’s acceptance at a university. For underclassmen, schools see your grades as a representation of how determined students are in their studies. Students must make sure they do great and maintain their grades.
The end of the year is almost here…then SUMMER BREAK!! Keep up the good work, Red Devils!

2016 AP Exam Schedule:

Monday, May 2 Chemistry Psychology
Environmental Science
Tuesday, May 3 Computer Science Art History
Spanish Language Physics
Wednesday, May 4 English Literature
Thursday, May 5 Calculus
Friday, May 6 US History Computer Science

Monday, May 9 Biology
Tuesday, May 10 US Government Spanish Literature
Wednesday, May 11 English Language Macroeconomics
Thursday, May 12 World History Statistics
Friday, May 13 Human Geography