Are You Ready, Seniors?

by Faith Footé, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

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Welcome back, Class of 2017!

As it’s going to be your last year at SUHi, try your very best to make sure everything goes right and in your favor this year. Wouldn’t want to mess up your last year, right? It is important; it’s not something people just “want to get over with.” It really is something to be lived.

As for senior advice, freshmen at the University of Southern California, Lani Renaldo, says, “Trust your gut.” There are a lot of choices to be made; even with the advice of others guiding you, you also need to trust yourself with your decisions. It’s your life. Parent, Edward Foote says, “Be at task, big or small; do it well, or not at all.” Future projects will be time consuming, but there is no point in really doing anything if it isn’t up to our best potential. Make everything count and have no regrets in what you do this year.

Class of 2016 Sweetwater alumni, Cristinn London said that if she were to give advice to the seniors, it would be to not let anything phase you. She explains it’s not necessary to waste time on drama because it is so pointless. Another alumni from Class of 2016 shares, “Seniors, do whatever you want and do everything you can. Senior year goes by way too fast to pass up any opportunities – whether it’s attending games, assemblies, or even joining clubs and sports. Make your best memories now and enjoy the rest of high school.”

Seniors, let’s make this year count and make it the best it could be. So much will happen this school year, and it’s up to you on how you will live it, how you will love it.