New Team! New ASB!

by Jackie Hernandez, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.07.56 PMIt’s now a new school year, and ASB is back in business and better than ever before! With new officers in place, as well as the new advisor Mr. Salazar, they are ready to bring back life to the school. David Gutierrez, the new ASB President for 2016-2017 has fresh and positive ideas that the ASB team efficiently put into practice. This year they have the support of a whole new group who are hardworking, positive, and spirited students whom the school will be seeing a lot around campus!

ASB will dedicate themselves to attain 100% student involvement in football games, dances, spirit assemblies and much more! This year’s team has members who are Red Devils inside and out! With the help of their new AP of Student Activities, they are sure they can accomplish anything for our campus.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.08.01 PMASB members will devote themselves to making this year unforgettable by working hard, creating new posters, editing videos, and planning activities weeks prior to assemblies. ASB knows that they will be at their very best! They’ll continue to maintain positive energy, class, and above all integrity.

Mr. Salazar also has a vision for this school year. He feels like the luckiest man on earth and feels fortunate enough to be able to join Sweetwater High School and the National City community. His vision for this year requires 100% integrity, and ASB will do anything it takes to achieve his vision. He plans to learn more about the Red Devil culture and bring an awareness and sensitivity to that culture. The ASB, along with Mr. Salazar, will make this school year memorable!

Once a Devil, always a Devil!