Newest Devil: SUHi Librarian

by Randel Cabatian, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

It’s another school year for the Sweetwater Devils, and in addition to the new year, there’s a new librarian on campus by the name of Ms. Chappell Brown. Although it was very overwhelming for her on the first day of school, she was very excited to start the year and she has loved it a lot.

The staff and students have made it easier for Ms. Brown’s new journey at Sweetwater by making it very welcoming for her; ASB even created a poster which now hangs in the library as a daily reminder that she is now part of our SUHi Family. Ms. Brown hopes to keep up with society by integrating many aspects of life today into the library. For example, since everybody likes using technology, she is already requesting more computers in the library, and she truly wants to make the library a place for everyone to feel comfortable and welcome, a great place to hang out, work, and read.

Ms. Brown is a very spirited person, and as a new part of our Devil family, she has joined a school community that already holds spirit and tradition so dear. She is very kind and helpful, and she looks forward to being a great service to our student body and staff. Ms. Brown hopes to show how proactive she is by helping to build Sweetwater into an even more fabulous SUHi, always working together to represent the Red Devil Way.