Suhi Pride Devil Head Statue

by Cristian Contreras

The Devils’ Advocate

The historic statue that sits in the front of our school that represents our school’s pride and history has been there for a very long time. Everyone who attends our school knows that this aged statue is in the front of our school, but it wasn’t always there. For the longest time, this historical monument resided in the back of the old gym.

This statue is made of marble and looks taken care of, but the plaque that lays on the statue is very worn. Only under close inspection can the words “Sweetwater High, Home Of The Red Devils” be seen. Yo can tell that the plaque has seen better days, but the base and the statue overall are in great condition for its age. For many years, the school has been adorned with this statue, filled with history and fond memories. Many teachers have the campus and that statue in their hearts for eternity. Some examples of staff who attended this school include Ms. Gavin, our beloved principal; Mrs. Amezcua, a super English teacher; Ms. Haynes, one of the most patient math teachers; and many more.

Ms. Haynes speaks of old memories and majestic thoughts of her past. As she shares all her memories of the statue, her words formulate a mental picture for current Red Devils. I, for example, saw a younger version of her sitting on the stairs. She said how she remembers being young and how every morning her grandfather who once was an assistant principal would walk up to the statue and rub its head for good luck. She said that as part of that legacy, to this day, every day when she first appears on campus she rubs the head of the Devil statue and she believes it gives good luck.

SUHi is a great school, and the statue is filled with history and mystery. Go ahead, give it a try. Go get yourself a little SUHi luck on your way through our main hallway. You never know, it just may help you on that Calculus test or that English essay.