Your Future Starts Now

by: Leslie Gallarzo, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Thinking of the future can be overwhelming at times, but it’s bound to become our present and even our past. Some anticipate the future while others dread it becoming the past. Coming into high school can be so scary, to think that in about three years you will be those seniors who know where everything is on campus and are getting ready to apply to college. I’m telling you now, if you try your hardest for those A’s and B’s in every class, you’ll feel so relieved when senior year comes. Keep your goal in mind: to know that for sure you will graduate and be ready to move on to college, which is the next step in life.

Don’t slack off in any year during high school. It will have a huge impact on your life. No matter what you think, high school will influence the way the rest of your life goes. Never underestimate the power of your grades in high school because they can either take you very far or not far at all.

Don’t forget to also get involved in school. Colleges look at your extracurricular activities. It’s not all about grades; it’s also about how you multitask. Are you able to socialize well with those in your class? Get in all those extra community service hours early so that your senior year you will be able to just chill and only worry about applying to universities. Don’t forget to also get in those practices for SAT/ACT exams junior year. Colleges check the scores, and they can have a serious impact on your college applications.

Even though this may seem like too much information, don’t worry; you’ll get it sooner than you think. All this advice is for your own good. Don’t go thinking you have a long way to go before senior year. Last I knew, I was barely in freshman year orientation. But time flies when you’re occupied with life. So, you might as well make the most of it. Your future starts NOW.