2016 Red Devil’s Open House

By Vanessa Juarez, Staffwriter

The Devil’s Advocate

The seniors’ last Open House was a success! On Thursday August 11, 2016, the annual Open House was filled with joyful and unforgettable memories. Many of Sweetwater’s talented Red Devils were able to perform for the wonderful staff & parents. Mariachi, Ballet Folklorico, Advanced Dance, Band and Cheer were all part of SUHi’s performances. Jaqueline Farias, a senior in Ballet Folklorico, confesses how she feels knowing it was her last performance in the annual Open House: “I was upset knowing it would be my last performance, but we made the best out of it and I enjoyed every second of it.

Just like Jacqueline, many seniors are already counting down their last year’s performances. These gifted students express their passion through the art of performance, and as a group they have the opportunity to show off their hard work they put in every day after school.

As the parents made their way to their studentsclassrooms, each and every one of us Red Devils helped to show them the meaning behind the “Red Devil Way”. Every student set a perfect example of what it’s like being a Red Devil here at Sweetwater High School. Seniors and underclassmen alike were followed by their parents throughout the evening to their classrooms to meet their teachers. Sweetwater Red Devils were able to successfully show their parents and guardians that throughout their daily lives in school, each student is being respectful, responsible, and kind. Not only were the students emphasizing the “The Red Devil Way,” but so did the volunteers who were able to give their time for this annual event, the teachers who dedicated their time to make this a wonderful experience after school hours, and the staff who are always so extremely dedicated to their careers.