Academic Decathlon

by Fernando Cardenas, Staffwritter

The Devils’ Advocate

As a new year begins, clubs and sports outreach for new members who are interested in what that club or sport have to offer. The Academic Decathlon program here at Sweetwater High is no different, as they have contributed greatly to the school with banners, trophies, and plaques. This year experienced players and rookies will continue to embark on a journey to achieve first place in the county and advance to state championship.

Every year is slightly different as a new family is made with the varying perspectives of the team members who really want to make a difference. Intelligence is not a factor emphasized; its all about the willingness and perseverance to never quit, to strive, to always be motivated at all times. All Red Devils hold the paintbrush that encourages and guides Academic Decathlon, and other sports, towards a better tomorrow. It’s not just the team that gives back to the school, but the Red Devil spirit of the whole school that gives back us students, whether you are a teacher, principal, student, or any other staff member.

If you are interested in joining Academic Decathlon, stop by Ms. Garcia’s room after school. We’d love to meet you!