Academic Epidemic

by Rocio Nava, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Hours and hours spent studying and learning may sound like a drag, but to SUHi’s decathletes and coaches it is an honor to be part of Academic Decathlon. Students and coaches alike work hard every day to ensure a place in the county and state competitions.

This year, Decathlon is delving into the depths of World War II – everything from atomic theory to the roots of Hitler’s rise. It takes a lot of time and effort to absorb all the information, but Decathlon is made up of students who genuinely enjoy learning. “It’s so easy to teach people who want to learn,” says Mrs. Hall, the coach for literature.

Generation after generation, Academic Decathlon has been a part of Sweetwater. SUHi’s own Ms. Garcia and Mr. Arreola were once decathletes themselves. Every day students are “exposed to different topics you wouldn’t have ordinarily studied,” shares Mr. Arreola. Decathlon is for people who gather their passion for knowledge and their competitive drive to represent Sweetwater. The team’s dedication is what has allowed them to be so successful. That and the appreciation for the close-knit community which they have developed for each other.

Decathlon serves a greater purpose than just scoring points at competition. It shares the underlying message that Sweetwater is just as intelligent, hard-working, and driven as any other school. When Ms. Garcia leads the decathletes, she knows that the team is breaking down stereotypes and crushing prejudices. All Red Devils stand alongside the decathletes as they show SUHi’s excellence and bring more banners home.