Can You Hear Us Now?

by Jeffrey Cardinez, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Sweetwater High School is known for being spirited and enthusiastic about participating in school activities, such as spirit weeks. Many clubs on campus help define what makes Sweetwater such a spirited school. One of the many clubs that helpz rally the students is our very own Marching Band. Band is not only a club, but also a huge family. All members treat each other like brothers and sisters. They have experienced the thick and thin throughout their high school lives. All members can count on each other.

This connection carries over into their performances. The Band creates clusters of spirit for all to enjoy. If it’s a football game, you can count on the band to give a spirited and astounding performance. Assemblies are no different. They play as they would at every event, as a family.

A new year has gone by, and so have the drum majors. For the 2016-2017 school year, Steven Rojas and Carrie Zheng have taken the opportunity to guide their band to success. When Steven and Carrie were asked what their plans are for Sweetwater’s band this year, Steven states: “…to push everyone as far as they can go to really bring out the best performance we can give. The name of the game is improvement; and I really want us to look great and sound great, and then feel great about it.” Carrie states: “My plan for band this year is for everyone to have fun at the football games… and for our band family to grow.”

We expect amazing things from band this year. So, listen well, Red Devils. The drums have already started beating.