Developing A ‘New Perspective’

by Nemuel Cajudo, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

In need of community service hours? Interested in making an impact in the community? New Perspective is a club that is available here at Sweetwater that fullfils both of those questions! During the 2014-2015 school year, the Class of 2016 SUHi alumni and former President, Rioniel Arias, founded this club. New Perspective’s endeavor is influenced by their mission statement, “promoting advocacy and initiative to make a difference in a community.” Members of the club take time out of their student lifestyles to participate and volunteer at various events not only in National City, but also in the whole community of

San Diego. Most of their servitude involves their participation in a bigger cause. For example, they recently went to volunteer at The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life here at San Diego’s Embarcadero Marina Park on Saturday, August 20, 2016. Cancer survivors would amble confidently along the track, triumphantly declaring their overcoming their illness, and New Perspective was one of the many groups of people there in exuberance, cheering on and celebrating their accomplishments.

“It’s more than community service hours,” shared New Perspective’s 2016-2017 President, Nicole Abreu (12). “It’s fulfilling the roles we have in the community.” These young people make use of the traits they were given and use them to potentially influence their community. Members provide aide to the city in order to fullfil a much ‘bigger picture’. They want to support people. They want to be of service to people. They want to be a part of something that can impact people’s lives.

This student organization is not just an ordinary volunteering club offered here at Sweetwater High School. The club’s main focus is that each student will develop a new outlook on how they can serve their community. When focusing on the potential they can provide, that is when each individual develops a ‘New Perspective’.