New Year, New Letterettes

by Sinay Gomez, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Letterettes has come back for a new semester and they are ready to give it their all once again. This upcoming year, they have lots to look forward to. They will be performing for halftime shows, assemblies, and even parades. Letterettes is a mixture of everything like dancing, marching, drill, and boards. The girls get to be part of this amazing team. This is the second year since Letterettes have made a comeback to the SUHi family. Last year was the first year since ten years ago that Letterettes made a return. Mrs. Guzman, our dance teacher, decided to bring backs Letterettes so it wouldn’t be forgotten, and so that SUHI would know what Letterettes is all about.

What many students don’t know is that it takes a lot of work and dedication to be part of the team. Using those boards isn’t as easy as it looks. They have to practice and practice until they get it. Learning a dance can be complicated for some, but dancing, using boards and marching is a whole different story. The girls need to learn how to do a little bit of everything, such as spinning the board or even throwing them and catching them while dancing. For some it might be easy, but for others it takes more time and effort.

Many SUHi students didn’t know what Letterettes were until last year. The team dedicates their time and effort to making sure they represent SUHi the way it should be presented – with pride, with spirit, with dignity. Another exciting thing the team has to look forward to is their new coach. She’s a SUHi alumna who graduated in 2012 and was part of Advanced Dance and Cheer. During her middle school days at Granger, she was involved in color guard as well. She’s Silvia Rodriguez, also known as Coach Silvia.

She’s grateful for the honor she’s received in the opportunity to coach this year’s Letterette team. This team has a lot to look forward to, especially with a new coach in the second year since its comeback. But no worries, with all their hard work and effort, it will be worth it in the end.