Surfs Up, SUHi!

By Larriza Gillego, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.09.06 AMOne way that Red Devils show their spirit at Sweetwater is through participation in the spirit weeks. The ASB delivered a spirit week that changed the entire game. They gave us a theme which was “Surf’s Up, SUHi” and it contained days such as “Tacky Tourist Day” where students were to dress up as tourists, and “Red Sea Friday” where students would demonstrate their spirit by wearing red for the very anticipated assembly.

Because of the rise in the use of social media, students were given a challenge to earn class points by posting photos of students themselves dressed up with “#surfsupsuhi” and their class number. The class which posted the most won class points. By having the class competition, it has raised the amount of spirit of students and teachers, and it gave them an incentive to dress up!

A friendly class competition brought the classes together through the means of taking pictures with each other. All the students had a goal to win the competition. This has encouraged the participation and encouragement of our entire SUHi family.

Not only did the competition raise awareness of spirit in the students, but also it shows other schools how much love and pride Sweetwater students have. Social media is the best way to connect to other schools’ students, and posting these photos not only shows our own enthusiasm as students, but also it gives other schools ideas which can help them improve their own school spirit. Having competitions like these keeps students on their toes and urges them to participate.

So ASB, keep up the good work! And students, let’s keep the spirit up!