SUHI for the WIN at Futureboss 2017

A message from Mr. Eric Esperon:


Tonight at the Liberty Theatre at Paradise Village the following students were recognized for completing the three day Futureboss Young entrepreneur program.

These students were selected from a pool of over 500 applicants.  Thirty were selected, and from Sweetwater, eight seniors completed the program:

  • Angelica Fontanilla
  • Nailea Fuentes
  • Cassidy Hanses
  • Aaron Porras
  • Katherine Fuerte
  • Alexis Canedo
  • Jerome SantoDomingo
  • Sarah Valencia


As in years past, these students all worked hard. They took business classes,  came up with the business ideas, hammered out the details, and charmed the judges with their awesome presentations.

They all walk away with laptops, Sea World passes, and movie passes.


And now something I have personally waited six, long years for to write…..



Our own Nailea Fuentes wowed the judges with her idea of bringing much needed hygiene products to the less fortunate won the day!!


She walks away with a $1000 scholarship, an Apple watch, and brings home a trophy to Sweetwater!!!!

She is also now the Young Entrepreneur of the Year and will be recognized at the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year dinner in June.

A special thank you to Ms. Gavin, Ms. Juarez, and Ms. Rymer for the extra support that our students needed to be able to finish this demanding program.