Google Code-In Session

Come learn about the opportunity to explore the world of open-source development!

Come to Room 214 after school on Tuesday, October 23rd (2:45-3:45pm).

Participants complete “tasks” of their choice for a variety of open source software projects.

Students can earn t-shirts, digital certificates, and hooded sweatshirts for their work.

Grand prize winners receive a four day trip to Google in Mountain View, CA, USA the following summer!

Over the past eight years:

  •  8,000+ student participants
  •  107 unique countries
  •  40,000+ open source tasks

Open source development is much more than just computer programming! There are lots of different kinds of tasks to choose from including:

  1. Coding: ​Writing or refactoring code.
  2. Documentation/Training:​ Creating and editing documentation and helping others learn.
  3. Outreach/Research​: Community management and outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions.
  4. Quality Assurance:​ Testing to ensure code is of high quality.
  5. Design:​ Designing visual aspects of pages and user accessibility.

Visit ​ for more information!