Senior Announcements

Grad Nite 2019 Overview:

This year’s GradNite will land on Saturday, May 18, 2019 and it will take place at both Knott’s Berry Farm and at Disney California Adventure. Ticket prices will sell for $180 per student. We will have 350 tickets available and ticket sales begin in January out of the ASB when we return from Winter Break (January 16, 2019). Remember, you cannot be on the Non-Privileged List to attend Grad Nite or to purchase a ticket.

Grad Nite Itinerary:

    • 10:00am: Check in at SUHi’s Old Gym
    • 11:30am: Depart from Sweetwater High School
    • 2:00pm: Arrive at Knott’s Berry Farm–Please note that charter buses may be changed or used for other groups so personal items may not be stored on the buses.
    • 7:00pm: Depart Knott’s Berry Farm
    • 7:30pm: Arrive at Disney California Adventure Park and Enjoy!
    • 10:00pm: Grad Nite Officially Begins!
    • 2:00am: Report back to Disneyland Toy Story Parking Lot
    • 2:30am: Depart from Disneyland
    • 5:00am: Arrive at Sweetwater High School

PROM 2019:

Prom will be on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 from 7pm – 11pm. The venue for prom will be at the beautiful San Diego Natural History Museum at Balboa Park. The venue will include an awesome rooftop with gorgeous views of San Diego. Ticket prices will be announced in January. Prom Committee, led by Zyrel Dimalanta, Karl Cruz, and Marielle Tellez, has been working on creating an amazing Prom Experience and more details will be released in January. Note that you will not be able to purchase tickets if you are on the non-privilege list.

Graduation 2019:

Graduation is schedule for the last week of school: Our graduation date will be FRIDAY, JUNE 7th, 2019 at 6pm at Southwestern College. Our Cap and Gowns will cost $22.75 for students interested in KEEPING their gown. For students not interested in keeping their Cap and Gown, we will provide a Cap and Gown (that must be returned) at no cost. This year we will be working with the company Balfour and our local vendor Mr. David Honnold to provide us our Cap and Gowns. In the early months of 2019, I will continue to provide more information about graduation as I find out more details.

Non-Privileged List:

  • We will start publishing the NPL on-line w/ the SUHI’s Week-at-a-Glance (SWAGG) beginning in January when we return from Winter Break.
  • Seniors end up on the NPL for attendance issues, library fines, owed uniforms for sports, owed costumes for VAPA, or owed money to the ASB. Students can also end up on the NPL for disciplinary reasons. Administrators, at any time, can place Seniors on the NPL.
  • Seniors on the NPL cannot attend Prom, Grad Nite, or our Graduation Ceremony.

Senior Privileges:

Seniors, please continue to perform and behave as the model students that you are. Visitors to our school, ALWAYS compliment the way our students behave and show courtesy and respect. However, students who display conduct that violates school policy will face disciplinary action. Any Senior who faces disciplinary action runs the risk of losing Senior Privileges. The loss of Senior Privileges will include, but are not limited to, not being able to participate in Prom, Grad Nite, and our Graduation Ceremony. In some cases, the severity of the situation will result in alternate school placement for the rest of the year. Therefore, Seniors continue to do the right thing and always follow the Red Devil Way!