Cultural Connection Committee: This Club Needs YOU

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.27.53 AMby Piolo Teo Maling, Staffwiter

The Devils’ Advocate

Word around school has been spreading about a new club on campus that welcomes students who have recently arrived from other countries and who are learning to speak English with open arms. This new club is a place where anyone can just be themselves without worrying about harsh judgment by the public nor be afraid to socialize with anyone. This club was born from the notion that new, international students spend much of their school day isolated from the general population because they are in bilingual classes, or they may even self-isolate because they are shy or embarrassed about the language barrier. However, we believe that students will learn English more quickly and integrate into our school community faster if they are invited to do so by the students who are already here and involved in the school culture. It’s a little bit like Link Crew, but this club is targeted towards English Learners and is ongoing throughout the year. This new club is known as the Cultural Connection Committee, and its advisor is Mrs. Ojeda.

The club Cultural Connection Committee, also known as 3C has been established on the idea of spreading awareness of the egregious effects of language barriers. It is founded on the desire for new students from other countries being able to be comfortable around the school while spreading school spirit and participating in school activities. Sadly, these students do not always have the ability to let their voices be heard due to the language barriers that prevent them from easily sharing their thoughts with the public. Many students on campus are able to communicate well with other students; however, what about the students who are unable to converse with their fellow students due to English not being their primary language?

If you want to be a part of helping SUHi’s newest students become part of our Red Devil family, you are welcome to join us on Fridays at lunch in Room 306. 3C does not require bilingual or multilingual speakers or anyone with spectacular skills in order to be a part of the club no matter who you are, this club needs YOU!


Blood Drive @ SUHI Wed Aug 31

Come down and join the SUHI MCJROTC Program and Donate Blood from 7AM – 3:30 on Wednesday August 31st. 

 You may donate if you are:

  • 16 and enrolled in ROTC with a Parental Form signed by parent or guardian and authorization over the phone.
  • 17 with a Parental Form signed by parent or guardian, authorization over the phone, and picture ID.
  • 18 with picture ID.

Students can pick up these forms in the MCJROTC Building, from one of the instructors.


Parents: Infinite Campus Portal Information

Common Parent Questions About IC


How do I access Infinite Campus?

Parent Website URL: campusportal.sweetwaterschools.org


Infinite Campus keeps requesting a District ID#. What is the District ID#?

District ID# FCPXPV


How do I create an account with Infinite Campus?

You should have created an account when you registered for this school year. However, for those who do not have an account follow these instructions:

  • The parents can create a portal account by using their Campus Activation Key. If you have your activation key, on the home screen press “help” on the bottom left. This will drop down an option to continue using the key.
  • If you do not have an activation key, please have them call 619-793-7731 to retrieve the code.

What is the number to call if I experience other issues with Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus Sweetwater Hotline: 619-796-7745


Is my Infinite Campus portal similar to my son or daughter’s portal?

Your portal is almost identical. However, if you have multiple children, you will be able to view each of their grades/attendance separately but through the same account.


Where can I learn more about navigating through Infinite Campus?

There are some helpful tutorial videos through YouTube.

Infinite Campus YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/theinfinitecampus


Why are some teachers using Infinite Campus for “in-progress” grades and others are using Jupiter?

This is a transition year for our teachers. While you may find your child’s teachers posting “in progress” grades through Jupiter, you may also find some teachers posting “in progress” grades through Infinite Campus. However, every grading period (progress reports & semester grades) will be posted under “grades” on Infinite Campus.


What will I be able to find on Infinite Campus?

You will find detailed information about your child’s attendance. All progress report grades and semester grades for each of your child’s classes will be posted on Infinite Campus under “grades”.


Can I send emails to teachers through Infinite Campus? What about Jupiter?

Email addresses of teachers can be accessed through Infinite Campus by selecting the envelope icon next to the teacher’s name. Messages can also be sent through Jupiter to teachers for the remainder of the year.


Back to School Night 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016 • Schedule of Events


Advanced Placement (AP) Program Parent Meeting


Community Resource Fair–Club & Food Sales


JV & Varsity Cheer, Band, Baile Folklorico, Advanced Dance, Mariachi, Choir


MCJROTC Presentation of Colors

Pledge of Allegiance

Principal’s Message

Parent School Site Council Candidates


1st Period 6:10-6:20

2nd Period 6:25-6:35

3rd Period 6:40-6:55*

4th Period 7:00-7:10

5th Period 7:15-7:25

6th Period 7:30-7:40

7th Period 7:45-7:55

*Parent voting for School Site Council Parent Representatives


#SurfsUpSUHI: Our First Spirit Week of 2016-17!

Welcome back Red Devils! The second week of school is our very first Spirit Week of 2016-17 and the theme is #SurfsUp! Follow @SUHI_ASB on Twitter and tweet them your best Spirit Week photos using #SurfsUpSUHI17, #SurfsUpSUHI18, #SurfsUpSUHI19, or #SurfsUpSUHI20!

Show your spirit by dressing up for #SurfsUpSUHI Spirit Week!


SUHI Valedictorians and Salutatorian Class of 2016!

A big congratulations for the class of 2016 for reaching an amazing milestone; today was their last day of high school ever. On June 3rd, we will honor our graduating Seniors at Southwestern College, where they will be addressed by this year’s valedictorians (we have two this year) and salutatorian.


Alexa Camacho Sanchez


Our salutatorian was selected based on her performance in 23 AP and Honors classes completed by the first semester of her senior year. With a GPA of 4.5476, Alexa Camacho Sanchez has earned this honor and will be leaving the SUHI nest to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering at UCLA.





Our valedictorian was selected based on students’ performance in 24 AP and Honors classes completed by their first semester of their senior year. Two students tied this year with 4.5581 GPAs–Rioneil Arias who will be attending UC Irvine to study Biomedical Engineering and Angelo Mendoza who will pursue Chemical Engineering at UCLA.


Rioneil Arias

my senior picture

Angelo Mendoza