Mabuhay, SUHI!

by Arjud Dela Cruz, Staffwriter

The DevilsAdvocate

It has been a few weeks now since the new school year kick-started, and the clubs are off to full throttle. There are various clubs that students can join and participate in, and one of them is the Mabuhay Club. Mabuhay Club has been around SUHI for a long time now, and it is one of the clubs that students should not miss out on joining.

To start off the year, Mabuhay Club’s previous advisor, Ms. Villanueva, passes down the torch to Ms. Mendoza as the new club advisor. As she welcomes members in the very first meeting, she exclaims, “Everyone in here is now part of our loving family!”

It has always been the mission of this club to embrace and spread the Filipino culture, not only to Filipinos but to everyone else in Suhi. Each and every student is welcome to join, as the club aims to make its family grow every year. Throughout the year, the club will conduct various activities that will highlight the Filipino culture in the most fun and best way possible. As of now, the club is planning to have a day at the park, in which they would eat different classic Filipino foods and play various classic

Filipino games as well. This day is meant not only to promote different Filipino foods and games, but also to bring each member closer to each other.

The club is also focused on helping its members get community service hours, as the club wants to ensure that every single one of its members get the hours they need to graduate or to get to those high-end universities. Moreover, the club also has a long list of fundraisers coming up, so that every activity that the club performs will be well funded, ensuring that the members will have the most fun possible in the least costly way.


New Year, New Letterettes

by Sinay Gomez, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Letterettes has come back for a new semester and they are ready to give it their all once again. This upcoming year, they have lots to look forward to. They will be performing for halftime shows, assemblies, and even parades. Letterettes is a mixture of everything like dancing, marching, drill, and boards. The girls get to be part of this amazing team. This is the second year since Letterettes have made a comeback to the SUHi family. Last year was the first year since ten years ago that Letterettes made a return. Mrs. Guzman, our dance teacher, decided to bring backs Letterettes so it wouldn’t be forgotten, and so that SUHI would know what Letterettes is all about.

What many students don’t know is that it takes a lot of work and dedication to be part of the team. Using those boards isn’t as easy as it looks. They have to practice and practice until they get it. Learning a dance can be complicated for some, but dancing, using boards and marching is a whole different story. The girls need to learn how to do a little bit of everything, such as spinning the board or even throwing them and catching them while dancing. For some it might be easy, but for others it takes more time and effort.

Many SUHi students didn’t know what Letterettes were until last year. The team dedicates their time and effort to making sure they represent SUHi the way it should be presented – with pride, with spirit, with dignity. Another exciting thing the team has to look forward to is their new coach. She’s a SUHi alumna who graduated in 2012 and was part of Advanced Dance and Cheer. During her middle school days at Granger, she was involved in color guard as well. She’s Silvia Rodriguez, also known as Coach Silvia.

She’s grateful for the honor she’s received in the opportunity to coach this year’s Letterette team. This team has a lot to look forward to, especially with a new coach in the second year since its comeback. But no worries, with all their hard work and effort, it will be worth it in the end.


Awaiting Another Amazing Season

by Angelica Fontanilla, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Finally! It’s the time of the year that many young Lady Devil athletes look forward to – Volleyball Season! Now that the 2016-2017 Ladies’ Varsity Team has been finalized, the team looks forward to another successful season. The Varsity Volleyball Team has won two consecutive banners since the 2014- 2015 season, making them a team to defeat by several schools in the Metro South Bay League.

With their hard work and dedication, they hope to obtain another opportunity to make Sweetwater proud and to display another banner at the end of the season. In order to work towards this goal, the ladies practice every day after school. Although volleyball is meant to be an indoor sport, the extent of their hard work can be seen through the multiple laps that they run together at the beginning of every practice. Moreover, they continue to build their strength in the weight room. Their hard work and dedication allow them to continue to build team chemistry and skills.

The team’s success, of course, would not be possible without the endless support and coaching from Sweetwater alumni, Coach Erick Hernandez. Coach Hernandez constantly encourages the ladies to continue to be competitive and determined. Not only does he take his time to coach the team, but also he helps them out individually in order to make them better. Every year, the competitiveness increases; Coach Hernandez ensures that his team is ready for any type of competition that they must face.

The ladies’ success on the court is not only derived from their constant hard work and the coaching of Coach Hernandez, but also support from friends, family and of course the highly spirited Red Devil fans highly contributes to the accomplishments of the Lady Devils’ Varsity Volleyball team.


Can You Hear Us Now?

by Jeffrey Cardinez, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Sweetwater High School is known for being spirited and enthusiastic about participating in school activities, such as spirit weeks. Many clubs on campus help define what makes Sweetwater such a spirited school. One of the many clubs that helpz rally the students is our very own Marching Band. Band is not only a club, but also a huge family. All members treat each other like brothers and sisters. They have experienced the thick and thin throughout their high school lives. All members can count on each other.

This connection carries over into their performances. The Band creates clusters of spirit for all to enjoy. If it’s a football game, you can count on the band to give a spirited and astounding performance. Assemblies are no different. They play as they would at every event, as a family.

A new year has gone by, and so have the drum majors. For the 2016-2017 school year, Steven Rojas and Carrie Zheng have taken the opportunity to guide their band to success. When Steven and Carrie were asked what their plans are for Sweetwater’s band this year, Steven states: “…to push everyone as far as they can go to really bring out the best performance we can give. The name of the game is improvement; and I really want us to look great and sound great, and then feel great about it.” Carrie states: “My plan for band this year is for everyone to have fun at the football games… and for our band family to grow.”

We expect amazing things from band this year. So, listen well, Red Devils. The drums have already started beating.


Nothing Is Impossible

by Marina Garcia, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.44.32 AMThere are about 2,000 students attending Sweetwater High School. All of these students come from different places and have different stories to tell. However, there is one story in particular that deserves to be shared. Senior Antoine Serrano’s story is one worth listening to. He was born in Chula Vista in April 1999. He lived in Tijuana for most of his life until his family moved back to National City in 2013. His first year at Sweetwater wasn’t a walk in the park. Coming from Mexico, Antoine spoke very little English, so trying to fit in was a challenge. Students would bully him for not knowing how to speak English and would make fun of his accent. “I was trying to get better with my English, but those people didn’t know that I was struggling so much. I still tried to learn from my mistakes so that they would not know that their comments affected me,” he said. However, that didn’t stop this bright student from achieving greatness. By the end of his freshman year, he was placed in ELD 7/8, a regular English class and moved from bilingual math to a regular math class. He also received an award for having the highest GPA in his class.

As a result of his hard work and dedication, Antoine has had many opportunities and has attended many summer programs throughout his high school years. He was accepted and received full financial aid for the programs Upward Bound at UCSD, and the COSMOS program for Engineering Design and Control of Kinetics Sculpture. He also went to Stanford Pre-collegiate Studies and learned about Engineering.

Antoine is the first in his family to plan on going to college. He wants to attend Stanford University and hopes to major in Aerospace Engineering. His goal is to go to college and always try to become better; this has made him stay focused on his grades. His teachers, especially Ms. Claudia Tellez, have been there to provide support for him since 10th grade. Today, he is currently taking four AP classes, and is President of the Robotics Club at Sweetwater High School. Antoine didn’t expect to be where he is today. His advice to underclassmen is to set goals for themselves, take advantages of the opportunities offered here in the U.S., and always stay confident.

Antoine’s story is living proof that anyone can accomplish anything. He continues to surprise his peers and teachers with his determination and wit. Thank you, Antoine, for being an inspiration for hopefully many generations of Sweetwater students to come.


Academic Epidemic

by Rocio Nava, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Hours and hours spent studying and learning may sound like a drag, but to SUHi’s decathletes and coaches it is an honor to be part of Academic Decathlon. Students and coaches alike work hard every day to ensure a place in the county and state competitions.

This year, Decathlon is delving into the depths of World War II – everything from atomic theory to the roots of Hitler’s rise. It takes a lot of time and effort to absorb all the information, but Decathlon is made up of students who genuinely enjoy learning. “It’s so easy to teach people who want to learn,” says Mrs. Hall, the coach for literature.

Generation after generation, Academic Decathlon has been a part of Sweetwater. SUHi’s own Ms. Garcia and Mr. Arreola were once decathletes themselves. Every day students are “exposed to different topics you wouldn’t have ordinarily studied,” shares Mr. Arreola. Decathlon is for people who gather their passion for knowledge and their competitive drive to represent Sweetwater. The team’s dedication is what has allowed them to be so successful. That and the appreciation for the close-knit community which they have developed for each other.

Decathlon serves a greater purpose than just scoring points at competition. It shares the underlying message that Sweetwater is just as intelligent, hard-working, and driven as any other school. When Ms. Garcia leads the decathletes, she knows that the team is breaking down stereotypes and crushing prejudices. All Red Devils stand alongside the decathletes as they show SUHi’s excellence and bring more banners home.


Academic Decathlon

by Fernando Cardenas, Staffwritter

The Devils’ Advocate

As a new year begins, clubs and sports outreach for new members who are interested in what that club or sport have to offer. The Academic Decathlon program here at Sweetwater High is no different, as they have contributed greatly to the school with banners, trophies, and plaques. This year experienced players and rookies will continue to embark on a journey to achieve first place in the county and advance to state championship.

Every year is slightly different as a new family is made with the varying perspectives of the team members who really want to make a difference. Intelligence is not a factor emphasized; its all about the willingness and perseverance to never quit, to strive, to always be motivated at all times. All Red Devils hold the paintbrush that encourages and guides Academic Decathlon, and other sports, towards a better tomorrow. It’s not just the team that gives back to the school, but the Red Devil spirit of the whole school that gives back us students, whether you are a teacher, principal, student, or any other staff member.

If you are interested in joining Academic Decathlon, stop by Ms. Garcia’s room after school. We’d love to meet you!


Cultural Connection Committee: This Club Needs YOU

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.27.53 AMby Piolo Teo Maling, Staffwiter

The Devils’ Advocate

Word around school has been spreading about a new club on campus that welcomes students who have recently arrived from other countries and who are learning to speak English with open arms. This new club is a place where anyone can just be themselves without worrying about harsh judgment by the public nor be afraid to socialize with anyone. This club was born from the notion that new, international students spend much of their school day isolated from the general population because they are in bilingual classes, or they may even self-isolate because they are shy or embarrassed about the language barrier. However, we believe that students will learn English more quickly and integrate into our school community faster if they are invited to do so by the students who are already here and involved in the school culture. It’s a little bit like Link Crew, but this club is targeted towards English Learners and is ongoing throughout the year. This new club is known as the Cultural Connection Committee, and its advisor is Mrs. Ojeda.

The club Cultural Connection Committee, also known as 3C has been established on the idea of spreading awareness of the egregious effects of language barriers. It is founded on the desire for new students from other countries being able to be comfortable around the school while spreading school spirit and participating in school activities. Sadly, these students do not always have the ability to let their voices be heard due to the language barriers that prevent them from easily sharing their thoughts with the public. Many students on campus are able to communicate well with other students; however, what about the students who are unable to converse with their fellow students due to English not being their primary language?

If you want to be a part of helping SUHi’s newest students become part of our Red Devil family, you are welcome to join us on Fridays at lunch in Room 306. 3C does not require bilingual or multilingual speakers or anyone with spectacular skills in order to be a part of the club no matter who you are, this club needs YOU!