Senior Check-Ins

Senior Check-Ins

Check your email
for a message about Senior Check-Ins from counseling!

Check the Class of 2021 Google Classroom (y2po3qk)
for additional updates from your counselors.

Watch the video presentation:

Schedule an appointment with your counselor using the links on Slide 20

Parents are welcome to accompany their seniors.


Message from the Principal

Office of the Principal
Dear Sweetwater Families,

It is my sincerest hope each of our students and their families are safe and healthy. As we continue through distance learning, I am aware of the challenges each of you face daily. This is why the communication between our students, families, and staff is extremely important. We want to ensure everyone understands the expectations we have of students when it comes to their learning and the support staff will provide to them.

Students are expected to report to synchronous instruction for each period every day. Teachers provide synchronous instruction Monday – Thursday for 30-45 minutes each day and for 20 minutes on Friday. For the remainder of each period, students are expected to complete assignments and it is also a time they may ask their teachers for support. Our first progress report card will be issued on Friday, September 18. Students’ grades will show what they have achieved so far during the first 6 weeks of classes. If a student is earning a D or F in a particular class, the teacher should have already notified the student and their parent/guardian about the grade earned so far and communicated an intervention plan. Again, we want to communicate with one another on how we can all best support our Red Devils. Although we have more than half the semester remaining for students to complete their courses for credit, needed interventions should begin immediately to ensure they do not fail any classes.

Many of our students and parents continue to email their teachers, counselors, and administrators when the need arises and we thank you for taking the time to express any concerns and ask for support. We are here to assist you in any way possible during these times of uncertainty.


Maribel Gavin



Virtual Back to School Night 2020

Back to School Presentation

Presentación de La Noche de Regreso a La Escuela

Welcome to Virtual Back to School Night!
Schedule of Events:
5PM – 5:30PM
AP Parent Meeting
Join Assistant Principal Salazar, for information about our Advanced Placement (AP) program.
5:45PM – 6:15PM
Drop-In Resource Rooms
Drop in with our Head Counselor, Athletic Director, After-School Program Supervisor, and/or Targeted Support Resource Teacher for any questions/concerns. We’re here to help and support you.

Message from our counselors

5:45PM – 6:15PM
Virtual Club Fair
Club videos and contact information
Teacher Video Viewing
Teacher videos and contact information

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a Parent-Teacher conference, please contact the teacher directly.

Email questions to Deborah Morris


Support Services for Foster Youth and Families & Youth in Transition

SUHSD Educational Equity, Student Advocacy, and Families and Youth in Transition
We are here to support students in foster care and families and youth in transition.
What we provide assistance with:
  • School placement
  • School transportation*
  • School meals
  • School clothes*
  • School supplies*
  • Academic services and support
  • Referrals to community organizations and agencies
* Particular services for students in foster care is determined with Child Welfare Services, Educational Rights Holder, and other entities, if applicable
For more information, contact:
School District Liason and Program Manager
Dr. Mariana Gomez
Administrative Secretary
Zeydi Villaseñor
Dinnah B. Donato-Palmore

Schedule Reminders

Dear Sweetwater High School families:

We hope that you are adjusting well to distance learning. Thank you for all your efforts to do your best in school.

Our daily bell schedule is posted below:

Daily Student Schedule

Office Hours TBD
by Teachers and communicated to the principal and students.
Block A Block B
Mon / Wed Tues / Thurs
8:20AM-8:50AM Office Hours Office Hours
9:00AM-10:30AM Period 1 Period 2
10:40AM-12:10PM Period 3 Period 4
12:20PM-12:50PM Lunch Lunch
1:00 PM-2:30 PM Period 5 Period 6
2:40PM-4:10PM Period 7
Friday attendance is mandatory. The emphasis for Friday instruction is to review content presented earlier in the week to further student learning.

Teacher PLC time will be scheduled on Fridays from 8:20AM – 9:20AM

9:25AM-10:05AM Period 1
10:10AM-10:50AM Period 2
10:55AM-11:35AM Period 3
11:40AM-12:20PM Period 4
12:25PM-12:55PM Lunch
1:00PM-1:40PM Period 5
1:45PM-2:25PM Period 6
2:30PM-3:10PM Period 7

As a reminder, the expectation during distance learning is that all students attend synchronous instruction with their teachers Monday through Friday. All teachers are providing 30-45 minutes of synchronous instruction Monday through Thursday, where students and teachers have direct face-to-face time for instruction and learning. The remainder of the period is asynchronous learning, where students are completing assignments and teachers are available for help and support. On Fridays, all students must attend classes and attendance is taken. Teachers will use this time to review material, and provide additional support. Please note that even if students are completing all assignments independently, attendance during daily synchronous instruction is still required.

If students have not completed residency requirements, they can continue to attend classes until residency requirements are cleared. Please continue to work with our Registrar, Ms. Puga, to submit residency clearances at your earliest convenience. She can be reached at sarai.puga@sweetwaterschools.org.

We hope that you and your families continue to be safe and well.

Thank you,

SUHi Administration


Student Video Conferencing Guidelines

Your actions in an online synchronous (live) class meeting are governed by all the same rules that exist when attending school in person. These guidelines are produced for all students’ safety and well-being in an online environment.

You have the right to keep your video camera off during synchronous (live) instruction.

You do not have the right to record any teacher or student image, video, name, or personal information with school or personal equipment.

You do not have the right to take screenshots of any teacher or student image, name, or personal information with school equipment, with your cell phone, or with any other equipment.

You do not have the right to post teacher or student video, images, voice, or personal information on social media.

All chat (text) on video conference is monitored and subject to school and district rules.


Start a Club!

Interested in starting a club?


You need members!
Reach out to your friends and acquaintances who may be interested!


Look for an advisor!
This could be one of your former and/or current teachers or another staff member. Make sure to ask them first!


Club Advisor Meeting!
Have your advisor attend the advisors meeting August 17th at 3PM.


Turn in a club charter!
Turn in a charter to ASB! Find it here. Submit it to ASB’s virtual inbox.


Wait for approval!
After the charter gets approved by ASB cabinet, your club is official! Congratulations!


Barcode/Meal Services 2020-2021

The student barcode is being used as the student ID while we are delivering instruction through distance learning. Picking up a mobile device, meal benefits, library books, etc. will require this barcode, which was emailed to each student and parent one time but can also be accessed via student and parent portals.

Please CLICK HERE for full instructions on how to access your student barcode.