Welcome Parents of Sweetwater High School Students!

Parent Night Presentation


After School Tutoring Program

Parents, please check your daughter/son’s grades. If they are receiving a D or Failing grade, please ask them to attend the after school tutoring program if their teacher is offering one. You can also contact the teacher and ask what they can do to improve their grades.

Parents of 12th graders, please check you daughter/son’s grades. If they have a D or Failing grade, they may not be able to graduate because of the D or Failing grades.

Estimados padres, por favor revise las calificaciones de su hija/hijo. Si ellos están recibiendo una D o calificación reprobatoria, por favor les pedimos que asistan a la programa de tutoría después de la escuela. Si su professor(a) está ofreciendo una programa de tutorial, de le a su hija/hijo a presenter se a la tutoria. También puede comunicarse con el professor(a) y pedir le que pueden hacer para mejorar sus calificaciones.

Padres de los estudiantes del grado 12, por favor verifique los grados de su hija/hijo. Si tienen una D o calificación reprobatoria, pueden ser capaces de no graduarse debido a la D o la reprobación.

Canvas Program: A Learning Management System for Students and Parents

Parents, the district is adopting the Canvas Program as a Learning Management System for students and parents. Some teachers are adopting The Canvas program is being used by Sweetwater High School for:

  • Lesson plans, instructions, guided practice, assignments, homework, projects, parent communication, student monitoring and grades (assessments).
  • Teachers can also use Canvas for forum discussions, incorporate and integrate Web and multimedia resources.
  • Learning Management Systems such as Canvas are being used at universities across the country for both regular and online courses.
  • By using Canvas, Sweetwater High School and the district are preparing students for college.
  • The URL for Canvas for the Sweetwater Union High School District is:


Parents, Canvas allows you to have observer accounts. The district created an observer account for you using the email address you provided the district at the time you registered your child for school.

  • Open Canvas:
    • Username: enter the email address you provided the district.
    • Password: enter parents2014 as the password OR
      • Click on “Don’t know your password?”
      • Under the username create a unique password for your observer account.

You should be able to observe your child’s courses if the teacher is using Canvas. You can then:

  • check your child’s assignments, messages, and progress at least 3 times a week.
  • set preferences for how you want to receive communications. For example: text, email or both.

If you have any questions, please contact Sweetwater High School: 619.474.9700.