The Inferno Lounge

Mighty Red Devils, do you need a quiet place to study? Do you need a place where you can gather together with friends and other students to form study groups? Do you need to learn how to study, meaning, do you need to figure out the best methods for studying and improving your grades? Do you need someone to help you learn difficult subjects, topics and concepts?

The Inferno Lounge is just the place for you! The Inferno Lounge is Sweetwater High School’s study center; just like universities and colleges, Sweetwater High School is here to provide you an area where you can:

  • study quietly by yourself
  • with others by forming study groups.
  • ask for help from AVID tutors and teachers.
  • learn which methods help you study effectively, efficiently, and improve your grades!

The Inferno Lounge is located centrally on campus, where the counseling center used to be at; it has 10 study group rooms and a central study area. Computers with Internet access, whiteboards, study desks, and quiet reading areas are available.

The Inferno Lounge is open after school from 2:35 to 6:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.

Come by, check it out, learn to study, come to study, and improve your grades!