New Year; New Griggs

by Paulina Prieto, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

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Former 2016 teacher of the year Rachael Griggs-Hopkins has recently decided to start running the after school program at SUHi. Mrs. Griggs has been teaching different levels of math for fifteen years. “I thought it was time to shake it up a bit,” says Griggs. No worries though, our beloved teacher will still be teaching Pre-Calculus for one period during the day. “I do think I will miss students, but I will still get to see students after school,” says Griggs as she addresses her concerns regarding her new position. Mrs. Griggs wants to make sure that students get what they want out of the after school program at SUHi. Two weeks into the school year, and Rachael Griggs already has various ideas for the upcoming year.

Mrs. Griggs wants Sweetwater clubs to interact with each other and with the middle schools around the area such as National City Middle and Granger Junior High. “I want the other students to feel like they’re a part of Sweetwater when they get here,” she says. Mrs. Griggs has a lot of ideas regarding the after school organizations in our after school program.

Mrs. Griggs has been a resource teacher for other math teachers, and she will continue to do that as well. She observes them and helps them get what they need; she helps them become better teachers. She is also in charge of ordering different things students want and need for the after school program. Students this year should expect a year full of activities. There’s no doubt that the new after school advisor has an action packed year planned for Sweetwater.


Newest Devil: SUHi Librarian

by Randel Cabatian, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

It’s another school year for the Sweetwater Devils, and in addition to the new year, there’s a new librarian on campus by the name of Ms. Chappell Brown. Although it was very overwhelming for her on the first day of school, she was very excited to start the year and she has loved it a lot.

The staff and students have made it easier for Ms. Brown’s new journey at Sweetwater by making it very welcoming for her; ASB even created a poster which now hangs in the library as a daily reminder that she is now part of our SUHi Family. Ms. Brown hopes to keep up with society by integrating many aspects of life today into the library. For example, since everybody likes using technology, she is already requesting more computers in the library, and she truly wants to make the library a place for everyone to feel comfortable and welcome, a great place to hang out, work, and read.

Ms. Brown is a very spirited person, and as a new part of our Devil family, she has joined a school community that already holds spirit and tradition so dear. She is very kind and helpful, and she looks forward to being a great service to our student body and staff. Ms. Brown hopes to show how proactive she is by helping to build Sweetwater into an even more fabulous SUHi, always working together to represent the Red Devil Way.


Link Crew Welcomes Class of 2020 With Open Arms

 Link Crew Welcomes Class of 2020 With Open Arms

By Kathy Corkill, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

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Every year freshman hectically enter the doors of Sweetwater filled with panic and confusion, completely unaware of what their first day, first year, and rest of their high school experience may have in store for them. Link Crew is in charge of changing that. Link Crew is a club led by teachers Mrs. Hall, Mr. Garcia, and Mr. Pelletier, with the members, also known as the Link Crew leaders, being seniors and juniors of the Sweetwater campus. This club is dedicated to ease freshmen’s first year of high school and to excite them for what can become a marvelous memory. A couple days before the first day of school, an orientation for the freshmen was held.

In the beginning of the orientation, the Link Crew advisors broke the awkward tension in the crowd of upcoming students by offering a couple words of introduction and playing a few small games like Simon Says. The freshmen were then placed into groups. Each group of freshmen were taken to their own classroom with their two Link Crew leaders.

It begins to get intimate as the Link Crew leaders and the freshmen play different games that help them get to know each other better. Each game played includes a valuable and significant lesson for the students. For example, in one game, the students had to throw and catch multiple tennis balls at the same time. This symbolizes how in high school, multiple things will be thrown at a student all at the same time,

but one needs to be able to find balance and prioritize in order to be successful. Link Crew is a very special club because it offers the seniors and juniors a chance to provide their guidance to freshmen and help them have a successful, comfortable and enjoyable four years as Red Devils.


New Team! New ASB!

by Jackie Hernandez, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.07.56 PMIt’s now a new school year, and ASB is back in business and better than ever before! With new officers in place, as well as the new advisor Mr. Salazar, they are ready to bring back life to the school. David Gutierrez, the new ASB President for 2016-2017 has fresh and positive ideas that the ASB team efficiently put into practice. This year they have the support of a whole new group who are hardworking, positive, and spirited students whom the school will be seeing a lot around campus!

ASB will dedicate themselves to attain 100% student involvement in football games, dances, spirit assemblies and much more! This year’s team has members who are Red Devils inside and out! With the help of their new AP of Student Activities, they are sure they can accomplish anything for our campus.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.08.01 PMASB members will devote themselves to making this year unforgettable by working hard, creating new posters, editing videos, and planning activities weeks prior to assemblies. ASB knows that they will be at their very best! They’ll continue to maintain positive energy, class, and above all integrity.

Mr. Salazar also has a vision for this school year. He feels like the luckiest man on earth and feels fortunate enough to be able to join Sweetwater High School and the National City community. His vision for this year requires 100% integrity, and ASB will do anything it takes to achieve his vision. He plans to learn more about the Red Devil culture and bring an awareness and sensitivity to that culture. The ASB, along with Mr. Salazar, will make this school year memorable!

Once a Devil, always a Devil!


Are You Ready, Seniors?

by Faith Footé, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

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Welcome back, Class of 2017!

As it’s going to be your last year at SUHi, try your very best to make sure everything goes right and in your favor this year. Wouldn’t want to mess up your last year, right? It is important; it’s not something people just “want to get over with.” It really is something to be lived.

As for senior advice, freshmen at the University of Southern California, Lani Renaldo, says, “Trust your gut.” There are a lot of choices to be made; even with the advice of others guiding you, you also need to trust yourself with your decisions. It’s your life. Parent, Edward Foote says, “Be at task, big or small; do it well, or not at all.” Future projects will be time consuming, but there is no point in really doing anything if it isn’t up to our best potential. Make everything count and have no regrets in what you do this year.

Class of 2016 Sweetwater alumni, Cristinn London said that if she were to give advice to the seniors, it would be to not let anything phase you. She explains it’s not necessary to waste time on drama because it is so pointless. Another alumni from Class of 2016 shares, “Seniors, do whatever you want and do everything you can. Senior year goes by way too fast to pass up any opportunities – whether it’s attending games, assemblies, or even joining clubs and sports. Make your best memories now and enjoy the rest of high school.”

Seniors, let’s make this year count and make it the best it could be. So much will happen this school year, and it’s up to you on how you will live it, how you will love it.


American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Experience

by Brianna Elizardo, Staffwriter

The Devils’ Advocate

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Only a select few intelligent women have been given an opportunity to learn about the functions of government as well as the ability to make new connections along the way. Girls State has given me this outstanding chance to take part in this once in a lifetime chance. This organization let me become unified with like-minded peers from all over the state of California.

The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State took place over the summer at Claremont McKenna College, and it had over 500 young women attending this one week experience. The magnificent girls in my city of Lassen made me realize that there are girls from all sorts of backgrounds who can have the same goal of making things in our country better for our future and existing citizens. This camp taught me unity with my fellow ladies as we work together to change the culture of the scarcity of women in government positions.

Being able to apply for elected positions and losing also taught me that even when we lose, there is a sea of people who have your back. I learned that what this government needs is a woman’s touch, along with our fresh and innovative ideas on our community. I was able to become a leader as well as a follower. I have made 31 new sisters, and I hope that many of you lucky lady Red Devils have that same experience that The American Auxiliary Post 255 has given to me. Find your passion. Find your voice.

I would also like to thank our MCJROTC program here at our school who nominated me as a delegate. They saw something in me that I did not see in myself. I would also strongly encourage all women in our community to get more involved with programs such as these because they creates a stronger sense of self-identity, and also enables you to forge a new path to follow.



by Brittny Moya, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

The month everyone dreads is soon to come…MAY! This is the final month before summer break and the one filled with exams. There are AP Tests and Finals. This month somehow seems to determine everyone’s future, especially the seniors’. One bad grade and colleges can withdraw a student’s acceptance at a university. For underclassmen, schools see your grades as a representation of how determined students are in their studies. Students must make sure they do great and maintain their grades.
The end of the year is almost here…then SUMMER BREAK!! Keep up the good work, Red Devils!

2016 AP Exam Schedule:

Monday, May 2 Chemistry Psychology
Environmental Science
Tuesday, May 3 Computer Science Art History
Spanish Language Physics
Wednesday, May 4 English Literature
Thursday, May 5 Calculus
Friday, May 6 US History Computer Science

Monday, May 9 Biology
Tuesday, May 10 US Government Spanish Literature
Wednesday, May 11 English Language Macroeconomics
Thursday, May 12 World History Statistics
Friday, May 13 Human Geography


Unity Club

by Cassandra Keough, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

Unity is not a big club, and most people don’t even know it exists. But to those who do know it exists, it is a safe place for them. When you arrive to this club, they welcome you with open arms and no judgment. The students feel safe in the environment, no matter what they are talking about.

At the beginning at every month the group gets in a circle to talk about the month before, no matter if it is personal or in the news. Everyone puts in their input and helps each other deal with the matter. They call this “emptying the cup” because you can get everything off your chest and you will not be criticized, but you will get advice instead. Students are able to express themselves in any positive way.

If you are looking for a good club to join, Unity is it because it is not too big so that you don’t know everyone’s names. You will get to know everyone on a deeper level and you will make lifelong friendships in the club.


The Return of Speech and Debate Club

by Yannick Yance, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

For the first time in over three months, the Speech and Debate Club of Sweetwater High School will be holding their weekly meetings yet once again. Students who are interested in discussing and debating current affairs and issues are welcome and are encouraged to stop by.

The Speech and Debate Club was created last year by senior Angelo Mendoza, along with a group of friends. They wanted to create a club in which students could openly express their opinions on controversial issues as well as hear one another’s viewpoints and perspectives. During their meetings, the members separate themselves into two groups based on whether they are for or against whatever the topic is. First, someone gives a speech to start off the discussion. Then, members from each side alternate in stating their arguments. In the end, the student who had the most valid and convincing arguments is named the “Master Debater”. Some of the topics the club has discussed in the past include gun control, gender equality, marijuana legalization, and the presidential election.

Although the Speech and Debate Club has not met in over three months, it is back and better than ever! The topic of discussion for the March meeting was whether or not Donald Trump is good for the Republican Party. So, if you are interested in this and similar topics, make sure to stop by room 404 during lunch every Thursday!


Prom, Coming Soon!

by Rocio Lopez, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate


Attention Seniors! Prom is right around the corner and you might be looking for the perfect dress or the best tux, but make sure you buy your ticket now in the ASB while there are still tickets available. This year prom will be at the Air and Space Museum at Balboa Park. Tickets are available for purchase for sixty dollars. Prom will be Saturday, May 28th , just days before graduation. Guest forms are also available in the ASB. Make sure to have a copy of the guest’s identification attached to the form.

The venue for Prom 2016 was chosen by the Class of 2016, and the event was fundraised by the class. With the money left over, the Class of 2016 will be able to go to a Senior Luau where Seniors can have a final fun event to attend.

Seniors, remember, Prom will be the last dance of high school with most of the Class of 2016, so take the opportunity to attend and have a precious night with some great memories. Also, remember to stay off the non privilege list because you will not be able to purchase your ticket; and if you purchase your ticket and you are still on the list, you will not be refunded your money.

Come buy your Prom tickets now in the ASB!