SUHi Academics History!

by Gabrielle Salud, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate


For the first time ever in Sweetwater High School history, Academic Decathlon made it to state! After their hard work and long hours dedicated after school, it has finally paid off. They’ve sacrificed lots of sleep and leisure to reach their first and initial goal – the state competition.

March 19 and March 20 mark the days the SUHi’s very own Decathlon travelled north to Sacramento to represent our school as one of the top academic schools in the state. They went head-to-head against approximately 65 other schools in state in 11 different events. They participated in 7 different subject tests based on Art, Economics, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, and Social Science. Two additional interactive events included Speech and Interview. Lastly, a more intense, ‘battlelike’ event called the Super Quiz is where SUHi truly shines. This is when all schools from three different divisions go head-to-head to answer as many questions as they can as possible.

The decathletes flew to Sacramento on March 16th and had extensive study time right before the competition to ensure that they would leave their mark at the state competition.

Ms. Garcia, the head coach, has set her heart on state since the beginning of this decathlon team. She has made significant changes from last year on a whim to see if change would work – and it has. Ms. Garcia, along with the entire decathlon team, is honored to represent SUHi at the State Decathlon Competition. We’re proud of you Decathlon!


Starbucks Happy Hour!!

by Valerie Perez, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate


Prepare yourselves for May 1st.

am happy to announce that on May 1st through 10th , Starbucks will be having happy hour from 3-5pm. Happy hour is when the price of Starbucks orders will be half the price. Save your money and be prepared to order your favorite drinks.

However, you must be prepared for the inevitable long line that there will be and be dedicated to stay in line and wait for your order for up to an hour. If you do not have any money, don’t worry! You can get Starbucks’ famous iced water for free. The Starbucks by Sweetwater High School is known to be the go to spot to have study groups, to read a book, and to hang with friends after school.

Remember to save the date and run to Starbucks on May 1st after school. It is a great deal. While waiting in line, make sure to bring a book or a group a friends, something that will keep you entertained while waiting. And then… enjoy!


Scholarships You Must Do!!

by Asha Pineda, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

If you’re a senior planning to attend a university next school year and need some help in paying for tuition, books, etc., go ahead and do these local scholarships. The Karangalan and SUHi Foundation Scholarships are going to be your best options if you would like to have a high chance in getting free money.

If you are a high school senior of Filipino or Filipino-American descent enrolled in the Sweetwater Union High School District, have a minimum 3.0 college weighted GPA, and have applied to a 4 year university, then it is highly recommended for you to apply for the Karangalan Scholarship. Finalists are chosen based on academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, two letters of recommendation, and a written essay. For the written essay, two prompts are given and only one must be chosen. One involves a current situation affecting the Filipino community and the other is if you are in any Filipino American organization where you hold a leadership role. This scholarship must be emailed and turned in by March 18, 2016. One major reason why those of you who qualify should apply for this scholarship is because a local school counselor, Ms. Lysabeth Luansing-Garcia, is part of the committee and helps to make decisions on the finalists.

The SUHi Foundation Scholarship is for all seniors attending Sweetwater High School. Seniors recently received an email on their Jupiter grades with information on the scholarship and the links. Within the application there are eleven scholarships with different requirements and prizes. The written essay asks for a personal statement with your goals and why you are applying for the scholarship. This scholarship is due on April 5, 2016. And because this scholarship is limited to Sweetwater High School students only, the chance of earning free money is higher! For more information on these or any other scholarships, go to the Counseling Center.


College College College!

by Julian Hernandez, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate


The Sweetwater Counseling Center is almost in ruin. And for what? The simple truth is that the Class of 2016 has made the most of all the resources available to them.

University Prep has served as a viable source of information to seniors since the beginning. Students would go and help other students and offer not only their experience, but also their guidance. And ultimately, counselors have remained the backbone of the end of the year senior panic. Reflecting on all the chaos and adversity, Sweetwater can proudly recognize a very special class of students.

UCLA, Cal Poly, UC Berkeley, University of Notre Dame, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara to name a few, are schools that 2016 has earned. Even when the acceptance letters began to roll in, every single one of these young adults was found in their beloved Counseling Office working on their scholarships. Better yet, a large number of students would ask to be excused early in order to have more time to work on college material.

At all times of day, whether it is before school, during class time, lunch time, or after school, it is always packed. Many of those who participate in University Prep don’t just apply to one scholarship either. Five to ten were seen to be the average range. And that’s the best part. What makes these Red Devils special is that it doesn’t take an external force to encourage these students to take the initiative to jump start their careers. In their minds, even though the end of the year is only an arm length away, the task is only just beginning. Encouraging thoughts, hard work, persistence and patience will be the last legacy that the mighty Class of 2016 will leave behind. We can only hope that it has already inspired underclassmen to surpass that bar.


Animal C.A.R.E. Club

by Jasmine Duran, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate


Animal C.A.R.E. has been an on-going club at SUHi for many years. Recently, Ms. Kavouklis took charge of the club after Ms. Campbell’s departure from Sweetwater High School. Even though there’s a new advisor, the club is still as successful. Ms. Campbell has been very supportive; although she no longer is here at SUHi, she’s always happy to give tips.

It is a great club for animal lovers to join because it is composed of caring members dedicated to spread advocacy for all animals. Year after year, members have been at circus demonstrations informing all who pass by about why it is wrong to attend a circus in which animals suffer. Animal C.A.R.E. members also volunteer at different events involving animals. The SNAP bus has come to SUHi many times, and members have happily volunteered and helped spread the message of the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

This year members have been volunteering at Ferdinand’s Familia, where they get to personally work with the animals. Many of these animals are rescued animals, and Animal C.A.R.E. members get the privilege of working with them. Animal C.A.R.E. Club is a great club for animal lovers to join because it is guaranteed that they’ll get a chance to work with some amazing animals


Advice for Underclassmen

by Valerie Perez, Staff Writer
Devils’ Advocate


If you haven’t heard, seniors have already been accepted to universities as of March. Tears of happiness and sadness are coming your way, future seniors. Receiving rejection letters from your dream colleges is heartbreaking. However, when you receive those acceptance letters you will feel a sense of accomplishment of finishing high school and moving on to the next chapter in your life – college.

To the future seniors, here is some advice… In the beginning of your senior year you will begin to feel a familiar feeling of procrastination thus leading to the biggest infection in high school – SENIORITIS. Yes, senioritis is real! However, there is a cure.

The cure is caring about your future! The symptoms of senioritis include a lack of motivation to go to school, missing homework assignments, sleeping in class, and not applying to colleges. Underclassmen, when you begin to feel the symptoms of senioritis, you must remain strong. Senioritis can get you on the non privilege list and prevent you from graduating, going to prom and attending Grad Nite. Remember to do your community service hours by joining clubs. Do as many scholarships as you can, and ask for letters of recommendation from your favorite teacher or counselor who knows you well. Senior year will be one of the busiest years in your high school, and it will go by faster than lightning; however, it is also the most rewarding and tear-jerking. The first day of your senior year will come as a shock that you have made it this far. You are growing up and moving on to start a new life and find who you are as an individual.

Senior year is a time of friendship, nostalgia, and fun. Have the best relationships with your friends and teachers because soon it will all come to an end. Underclassmen, I wish you the best senior year you can have. Show your pride as part of Sweetwater High School and don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t feel too sad about leaving Sweetwater though, because once a devil, always a devil


Hitting It Out Of The Park

By Cassandra Keough , Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate


The Sweetwater baseball team is having a good season. They are 9-7 and have recently won the Lions Tournament. The past couple of years, they may have struggled, but this year they have turned things around. The team has practice almost every day, and they hope to win the league banner this year.

For most of the team, it is a bittersweet season because it will be their last here at SUHi. The seniors are trying to make it the best season they can in order to make it a memorable year. They want to be able to look back and remember what a great time they had their senior year out on the field with all their teammates.

League games start soon… so go out and support your Men’s Varsity Baseball Team to help them bring home the banner.


Grad Nite Preview

by Camilo Prado, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate
With the year coming to an end, seniors should hurry and buy their senior items as soon as possible. Tickets to Grad Nite, tickets to Prom, and Red & Gray yearbooks are all limited! So, don’t wait!

Now, with that said, it is time to look at what will be open and good to ride for our end of the year trip. Disney is currently doing construction on a new Star Wars section, so some parts of the park will be noisy and may look closed… but don’t let that fool you. As of today, at Disneyland the following are closed until further notice:

Disneyland Railroad
Mark Twain Riverboat
Sailing Ship Columbia
Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island
Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes
Disneyland Monorail
Blue Bayou Restaurant
Pirates of the Caribbean

And at California Adventure the following are closed:
Grizzly River Run
Silly Symphony Swings
Carthay Circle Lounge

However, don’t let this get you down. There are plenty of attractions to go on and to enjoy. Disney is full of secrets and wonders; every person of all ages can find something to look forward to, such as the Indiana Jones or the Star Tours Adventure, or even the Winnie the Pooh ride. If rides aren’t your cup of tea, then enjoy the great dancing that will happen all across the parks. And after, you can stock up on all the Grad Night gear that will be available at one of their many stores.


The Month of Decisions

by Julie Henry, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

Two months left! As we come back from our two-week spring break, everyone is in nonstop motion racing towards the end of the year. Of course, everyone knows about the exciting things in store for the Class of 2016 seniors like Grad Nite, prom, and graduation; but all of that fun comes after the most anxious time for thriving students who are at the very beginning of creating their future. For example, spring break may not have been such a relaxing time for those waiting for college admission letters.

Fortunately, many students have already reported that their hard work has definitely paid off after receiving acceptance letters from universities such as UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, Pepperdine University, USC, and even Stanford! Although SUHi and National City always speak of their pride in the fact that everyone here is deeply connected with their community, it is pleasing to share that many students are willing to branch out and become independent as they will be moving up to thirteen hours away. No matter how far they travel or how long they are gone for, National City will always be here to welcome them back.

Some students have already submitted their SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) to places like San Francisco State University, San Diego State University, and CSU San Marcos. Everyone else has until May 1st, for most colleges, to make their final decision on which college they will attend. Until then, April is the month of Open Houses. Luckily for those who plan to stay local, most San Diego colleges’ open houses are on different days and weekends. Just to name a few: USD is Friday, April 8th; UCSD’s is Saturday, April 9th; and San Diego City College is Thursday, April 21st.

As college is only just one path available for students to take, others are already sorting out their careers and solidifying travel plans in the military. No matter which direction students may take, it is vital that their decisions are based on what they see is best for themselves and their future. And, of course, we wish everyone the best of luck as they enter the beginning stage of their future endeavors.


AVID Senior Seminar

by Ashley Estrada, Staffwriter
Devils’ Advocate

Seniors who have been in AVID At least two years can be part of the AVID Senior Seminar. In addition, they have to have been in AVID during their Junior year as well. AVID for Senior is really important, and it is a great help. Senior year is a really stressful year full of college applications, scholarships and several more things. And, AVID is in charge of helping seniors with college applications during first semester. During second semester it is all about scholarships.

Ms. Tellez has been a great help to seniors this year. “I would not have been able to apply to any colleges if it weren’t for AVID,” declared Rebeca Cardenas. Maria Rosales said, “ I so happy I was in AVID this year; it has really helped me, and now I know I’m prepared to go to UC Santa Barbara!”

Students get two hours of class time to apply to colleges. Any questions they have get answered by the AVID teacher. It really helps students. So, if you’re an underclassmen who’s already planning to go to college and who wants additional help in getting there… sign up for AVID! It could make all the difference!