About Us

Welcome to Sweetwater High School, home of the mighty Red Devils! Sweetwater High School is located in National City, County of San Diego, California.

This page aims to provide information about Sweetwater High School and its administrative staff. Click on the links located on the side bar at the right side of the page for further information. Click on the following link for a current School Map .

Led by principal Maribel Gavin, Red Devil Alumna and class of ’91, the student body, parents, administration, staff, including teachers, counselors, and office staff, and the larger community, established numerous innovative programs that include among others: after school specialized and discipline-specific tutoring, Professional Learning Communities to develop and implement rigorous standards-based instruction, and increased parental involvement.

One of the main goals for Sweetwater High School students, as stated by principal Maribel Gavin, is “Every single student has the ability to succeed.  They need to decide what kind of year they’re going to have and by being prepared in the classroom and being an active participant in the school’s culture, students will have a wonderful and memorable year.  The staff at Sweetwater High is here to help every student be successful.”