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Athletic Eligibility

This page aims to provide you the requirements for Athletic Eligibility. If you do not meet the following requirements, you cannot participate in Sweetwater High School Athletics.

To compete, the student-athlete must do the following.

  1. Student-Athletes must have a 2.0 grade point average in BOTH scholarship and citizenship and must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 classes per semester.
  2. Student-Athletes can NOT compete on any outside team in the same sport during the school season.
  3. Student-Athletes can NOT have attended more than 8 semesters of high school after completing 8th grade.
  4. Student-Athletes can NOT be 19 years old before September 1st; please check this with the Athletic Director, Coach Tim Latham
  5. Student-Athletes must meet “residency” requirements.
  6. Student-Athletes must be an “amateur” according to CIF rules.
  7. Student-Athletes must have the “clearance” papers on file with the ASB.
  8. Student-Athletes transferring from another school may be subject to a period of ineligibility. Please check with the ASB Dean.


Administrators for Sweetwater High School Athletics

Tim Latham
Athletic Director
Phone Number:(619) 474-9734