Mission Statement

The mission of Sweetwater High School, the distinguished, educational cornerstone of
National City committed to academic, social and ethical growth for its diverse students, is to
ensure graduates possess skills necessary for success in post-secondary education and
career aspirations and become contributing members of their community through a system of learning characterized by:

  • A rigorous and relevant curriculum for all students
  • A culture of learning, emphasizing high expectations for all students, staff and parents.
  • A caring professional staff leading students to maintain healthy relationships and make positive life choices.
  • A community focused on accountability, assessment and achievement for all stakeholders.
  • Resources and opportunities to maximize student achievement and potential.


    • 100% of SUHI students will graduate with the necessary skills to attain success in postsecondary education and/or their career of choice.
    • All students will reach proficient or advanced status on grade level CST’s.
    • All students will be productive, law-abiding individuals who contribute to the community.