Principal’s Message

Welcome to Sweetwater High School, home of the Red Devils!

Maribel Gavin

Get ready to have an outstanding year full of learning, positive experiences, and a lot of fun.  Our staff is here to ensure all students get the best education possible to prepare them for college and the career path your student would like to pursue.  Students will have a memorable and enriching experience this year as long as they are willing to make it happen.

Our teachers will provide each student with a solid curriculum and rigorous instruction. Students must take responsibility for their learning by always knowing their daily learning targets in each of their classes.  When students know each of their targets and they achieve the day’s goals, they will find success at the end of each class period.  Also, they need to be active participants in every lesson by listening to their teachers and peers when they are speaking and by contributing answers to questions and discussions in class.  Students have a choice to be active learners and by doing so, they will have a more positive learning experience. 

The best way to enhance the school year is by not only putting 100% effort into the classroom, but by also being active participants in our school culture.  Sweetwater offers many clubs and sports teams that will make the year fun and exciting.  Students can be active participants in many organizations, clubs, and sports we have to offer and contribute to the rich history many alumni have been a part of for almost a century.  Students can make this the best year in their education by being a part of the best school culture in the Sweetwater Union High School District.

Every single student has the ability to succeed.  They need to decide what kind of year they’re going to have and by being prepared in the classroom and being an active participant in the school’s culture, students will have a wonderful and memorable year.  The staff at Sweetwater High is here to help every student be successful.  Every teacher, counselor, administrator, and support staff cares about students and we are always here for assistance.  Just reach out and let us know what you need.  GO RED DEVILS!

Maribel Gavin