Title 1

Title 1

Title 1 / State Compensatory Education (SCE)

Title I, Part A federal funds help to meet the educational needs of low-achieving students in California’s high-poverty schools. Funds are used to support effective, research-based educational strategies that close the achievement gap between high-and low-performing students and enable the students to meet the state’s challenging academic standards.

The state funded Economic Impact Aid (EIA) Program is a state categorical program for kindergarten through grade twelve. There are two types of EIA:

EIA/LEP – To support programs and activities to assist English learners achieve proficiency in the English language as rapidly as practicable and to support programs and activities to improve the academic achievement of English learners.

EIA/SCE – A school shall use EIA/SCE funds to support programs and activities designed to assist educationally disadvantaged students achieve state standard proficiency.


(schools fill in what services Title 1/SCE provide at their site, Title 1 meeting dates and the site contact)